Aircon Gas Top-up in Singapore?

Air-con in Singapore is definitely one of the household appliances that are constantly switched on every single night due to the hot weather in Singapore. It is used to cool down our houses, offices and even shopping malls so that we can carry out our daily activities without suffering from the hot heat. Imagine you […]


Solutions to Bad Smelly Aircon

Are you currently experiencing a smelly aircon in your house or office? I am sure you understand how much inconvenience the bad smell from the units is bringing. Example, you are unable to relax or concentrate due to the foul smelling environment. The main purpose of the air-conditioners are to provide cooling and comfort to […]


Why am I Facing Smelly Aircon?

Do you ever been in a situation where you have switched on your air-conditioner and there is an odor / bad smell from your air-con? Originally, you are expecting cooling comfort and relaxation from the units, but the outcome was unpleasant due to the bad smelly aircon. This is actually one of the common issues […]


Why Is My Aircon Noisy?

Have you ever felt that you are having a noisy aircon in your home or office? One of reasons is due to the lack of aircon servicing in Singapore which results in the lack of maintenance of the units. Air-conditioners are widely used in Singapore due to the extremely hot weather. It is used to cool […]


Why My Aircon is colder after chemical washing?

Have you ever wonder why your aircon is colder after aircon chemical cleaning or washing? On a hot weather like Singapore, air-conditioners are frequently used to ensure a cooling environment. Air-conditioners are almost switched on 24/7 in Singapore such as in shopping malls, café, etc. One day, you might notice that your air-conditioner is not […]


Why Is My Aircon Leaking Water?

Aircon leaking water issue is one of the commonly faced problems by all the households in Singapore. Due to the hot weather conditions in Singapore, it is nearly impossible to live without an air-conditioner. Everyone wants their units to function properly to keep them cool throughout the day and enjoy the cool air in their […]


Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Aircon Chemical cleaning in Singapore involves a thorough chemical overhaul process of the air-conditioner system such as cleaning each individual parts of the unit with a chemical solution and wash away all the dirt and mold that have accumulate overtime. It is recommended for units that are dirty due to the lack of regular aircon […]


Why Is My Aircon Not Cold?

In Singapore, air-conditioner is one of the essential electrical appliances in all households due to the hot climate. One of the common problems being faced by most households is aircon not cold. With the high usage of the air-conditioning system, air-con system may face such problems in the future. This can be prevented by having […]