Aircon Servicing in Singapore

aircon-service-in-SingaporeIn ALV Aircon, our qualified technicians have the experience, skills, knowledge and equipment to work on your system. Be it air-con servicing in Singapore, repair, chemical cleaning, installation and maintenance contract, we are able to meet your needs in Singapore. If your units are not serviced regularly, it will result in dirty and clogged air-conditioner system in various parts which will restrict your airflow, reduce the cooling efficiency. Thus, resulting the units to work harder and consume higher electricity. Other than that, the debris and dust that have accumulated around the units will reduce the operating efficiency and affects the air quality in your environment.

When your units fail to cool down properly and didn’t have any proper service or maintenance regularly, it may mean that your units require air-conditioner servicing to remove this dirt that accumulated over time. If a unit is not properly maintained, it could cause major breakdowns in the system which requires a hefty repair cost to fix the problems. This could be prevented by routine maintenance and an air-conditioner services to ensure your air-conditioner system is under good working conditions. This air-conditioning service Singapore also comes with many benefits such as increased efficiency and lifespan of the units.

Qualified Air-conditioning Servicing Singapore


  • Improve indoor air circulation
  • Cleaner and healthier air quality
  • Enhanced operating & cooling efficiency of the system
  • Higher efficiency results in lower consumption of energy (reduced electricity bills)
  • Removal of dirt and dust in the system
  • Prevention of system breakdowns
  • Increase the lifespan of the system

We provides quality air-con servicing Singapore. The service of the units includes comprehensive checks on the key mechanical parts in the system to ensure the parts are operating smoothly and ensure that there are no malfunction of any parts. Our technicians will advise accordingly if there are any parts that are malfunctioning due to wear and tear. We will also clean the various key components in the system to ensure your units operate efficiently.

aircon-servicing-dirty-filtersDue to the extremely hot climate in Singapore, the demand for quality air-con service has been growing since consumers understand that maintaining and cleaning of their units are crucial in ensuring their units operate efficiently. Do you face a hard time in choosing which air-con company in Singapore that will suit you the best? In ALV Aircon, we provide air-conditioning service Singapore with quality, reliability and satisfaction. You can be rest assured that our air-con service company in Singapore has the rich knowledge and experience in maintaining your air-con system. You will definitely able to enjoy the maximum benefits through our air-conditioning service and enjoy the coolness.

In ALV Aircon, we not only offer a wide range of services that you can choose, but we also customise our services to meet your unique needs. That is why we offer promotions, and even our air-conditioning maintenance contracts that are customisable to meet your needs. Being one of the Air-conditioner Service Singapore Company, we offers the best and quality service for your house or office!

Being an Air-conditioner servicing maintenance Singapore Company, we offer the best service of your units at an affordable rate. We will ensure that we service and clean your units so that you enjoy the coolness in your room and ensure that the units are operating at an efficient rate. By engaging our air-conditioning service, you are sure that your units are operating fine and will definitely reduce the possibility of major system breakdowns.

Do not neglect the importance of quality air-con servicing for your air-conditioners in the hot climate in Singapore. Contact us to service your air-conditioners now @ 6467 5523!


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