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reliable-aircon-company-singaporeIt is important that your air-conditioner is cleaned and maintained properly to ensure proper functioning of your air-conditioning system. Other than that, a clean air-conditioner will ensure a cleaner and fresher air for your house or office.

ALV Aircon provides a wide range of aircon service in Singapore for all residential, commercial and industrial properties. Feel free to contact us. Our friendly staff will be most willing to assist you on your air-conditioning needs.


Aircon Servicing


Aircon servicing includes cleaning the indoor fancoil as well as the outdoor condenser. At the same time, we will check your system and ensure that your air-conditioner is operating properly. It is important that your air-conditioner is serviced regularly in order to ensure that it is clean and also to maximize the benefits of aircon servicing. 

Benefits of aircon servicing:

  • Increase cooling efficiency, prevent icing and other damages
  • Cleaner and healthier air in your house or office.
  • Prevention of system breakdown


Aircon Chemical Cleaning


Aircon chemical cleaning involves a very thorough process of cleaning the whole air-con unit with our special chemical solvent. All of the parts in the air-conditioner will be washed and flushed thoroughly in order to remove all the dirt, mold and bacteria that have accumulates overtime. 

Over time, with the increasing usage of the air-conditioner, it will most likely result in dirt, hazardous molds and bacteria being grown in the system. One of the negative effect will be unhealthy air being discharged from the air-conditioner which will affect the indoor air quality and your family's health. Hence, chemical cleaning can help to remove all those dirt, bacteria and molds and sanitize the units.

Other than that, aircon chemical cleaning can effectively solve aircon leaking problems, remove bad odour smell from the indoor unit and improve the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioning system. 

Benefits of aircon chemical cleaning:

  • Thorough cleaning of the unit (removal of stubborn dirts and stains)
  • Clear aircon leaking problem
  • Cooler, cleaner and fresher air quality
  • Improve the system efficiency thus reduce electrical consumption 
  • Prolong the life span
  • Prevention of system breakdown


Aircon Maintenance Contract


By engaging our yearly air-conditioning maintenance, you could ensure that your air-conditioning system is properly maintained by our qualified technicians and staff. At the same time, you will also enjoy all the air-conditioning maintenance benefits from us.

Customise Your Own Air-Con Maintenance Contract

We customises our air-con maintenance contract in order to suit each individual clients. Regardless you are looking for air-con maintenance for Residential, Commercial or Industrial, we can tailor the most suitable maintenance contract to meet your needs. Contact our friendly staff now to assist you on your needs!

Aircon Installation


With our qualified and experienced installers, we are able to install you air-conditioning system professionally. We provide installation on most air-conditioning such as split units, ceiling cassette units and more. For brands, we provide majority of brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and more. We believe that you are able to find an air-conditioner that will meet your air-conditioning installation requirements in ALV Aircon. Do not hesitate and speak with us now!

Aircon Repair


Our experienced and qualified technicians is able to diagnose and assess the condition of the units. Thus, our technician will advise on the most economical solution on the air-con problems that you are facing. Common problems faced by our customers are noisy air-con, leaking, warm air and noisy condensing unit, etc. Do not fret as we are able to resolve all the air-con problems faced by our customers. 

We also provide on the site repair depending on the issue the air-conditioner is facing. Do not hesitate anymore and call us to repair your air-conditioning now!

Aircon Checking & Troubleshooting


With our qualified and experienced technicians, we are able to diagnose and troubleshoot fault in your air-conditioning system and evaluate the condition of your system. After diagnosing the issue with your system, our technician will recommend the most economical solution to you and advise on the cost of the repair.


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