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aircon-spoil-repairIn an extreme weather like Singapore, air-conditioner is one of the essential electrical appliances to cool down houses or offices. Air-conditioner is similar to other equipment or appliances where the units’ cooling performance may dramatically reduce over time and fail to operate or even break down suddenly. This could be due to the lack of regular aircon servicing Singapore despite the long usage of the units which affects the performance and the condition of the system in the long run. When these happen, it means that there is a problem with your air-conditioning system which leads to the malfunction of your unit. You may think that you are the most unlucky person in the world as this would mean that you need to spend money buying a whole new air-conditioning system for your house or office. However, you do not need to worry about malfunction of those units as you can opt for our air-con repair in Singapore to fix and regain the functionality of your units.

Your air-conditioners may face problems such as warm air, aircon not cold, ice formation, leaking, noisy units, air-con failure and more. These problems can cause many inconveniences to households in Singapore and cause frustration to home owners. When you notice that your air-conditioner starts to have malfunction issues, you should that serious notice about it instead of ignoring it. When those issues starts surfacing, you may need to call a qualified aircon servicing Singapore company as it may indicate that there are some malfunction parts in the air-conditioning system. Hence, those problems requires immediate action and should be fixed ASAP. If it is not repaired in time, it could worsen the conditions of the system which could lead to more repair work.

ALV Aircon Repair Service


  • Our thorough checking of your units ensures that each parts are checked properly, which will give you a peace of mind.
  • Accurate diagnosis of your units’ conditions.
  • Experienced checking & troubleshooting ensure that the fault in the system is spotted and repaired.
  • We offer on the spot air-conditioner repair which means that we are able to fix and regain the functionality of your air-con in a shorter duration, but is subjected to the seriousness of the fault.

repair-air-conditioner-pipingWith our air-conditioning repair & troubleshooting service, you do not worry about the air-con problems that you are facing as we can help you in repairing your unit. Our experienced technicians will be able to determine the cause of the issues and offer advice on the conditions of the units. Hence, our qualified aircon servicing Singapore technicians will advise you on the solutions in repairing the units in the most efficient and economical manner.

With years of experience and knowledge in the field of air-con servicing Singapore industry, we have repair aircon from different brands and models. We believe that we are able to solve all your air-conditioner problems that you are facing now and restore the functionality of your system. When you feel that your units are facing problems, do not hesitate in calling our air-conditioning repair service. Call us @ 6467 5523 to repair your aircon now!

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