Aircon Maintenance in Singapore


In ALV Aircon, we customize our yearly aircon maintenance contract to meet our clients’ needs from various industries. From shop houses, cafes, factories, churches, HDB, offices, warehouses and many more. We are sure that with our expertise, we are able to meet your air-con servicing Singapore maintenance needs. Feel free to contact us to enquire on our maintenance contract!

Some of the benefits of ALV Aircon maintenance contract are:

Prolong the lifespan of air-conditioner

Enhance operating efficiency of the system

Prevention of system breakdown

Reminder from us when your air-conditioner are due for cleaning

Cost saving compared to adhoc air-con servicing Singapore

Air-conditioning maintenance in Singapore is one of the essential services to the households due to the hot and humid weather. In a hot environment like Singapore, the units tend to operate more often as compared to other countries. Hence, dust and dirt tends to accumulate easily which reduces the efficiency of the units and affects the air quality in your house and offices.

Professional Air-con Maintenance Servicing in Singapore

You may wonder that your air-conditioning system does not have any problems such as water leaking, hot air or air-conditioner not cold. But this does not mean that the units is free from service and regular maintai. All operating mechanical parts in the system must be properly checked, cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure the system is operating normally. This will also prevent the system from having major breakdowns problem which will help you to save expensive repair cost in the future.


If your air-conditioner does not have any regular servicing, your units will get clogged easily which will result in weaker airflow, reduced cooling, higher electricity consumption, low quality of air, prone to issues such as icing, leaking and more. Therefore, regular aircon servicing in Singapore and cleaning of your system is essential to your system so that the units are in good working conditions and are operating efficiently.

A yearly air-con maintenance contract will allows your unit to be serviced and taken care of by professional technicians so that you do not need to worry about any problems in the units. Our technicians will service your units and also check on the mechanical parts to ensure it is operating perfectly. This is an important process as we are able to detect any potential problems in your units and repair it before the problem worsen. This act as a form of preventive measure to your air-conditioning system which can prevent major breakdown from happening. We will also make necessary adjustment to your units so that the units could function and operate more efficiently and bring down your electricity bills.

Recent research has shown that more than 75% of air-conditioners break down are random which are related to wear and tear (Age related breakdown). The remaining are such as excessive usage, improper installation and more. One of the preventive measures to prevent age related breakdown is to ensure proper cleaning by qualified professional Air-con Servicing Singapore Company.

There are cases where many clients’ houses, offices, factories and cafes only opt to carry out regular servicing of the air-conditioning only when problems start surfacing. However, with our air-con maintenance contract, we will carry out a proper check on the mechanical parts in the system and check if any parts are already worn out and advise accordingly. Our technicians will also advise on the condition of your units during maintenance of air-con servicing in Singapore and ensure that the units are properly taken care of.


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