General Questions on Aircon Service & Repair

Advantages of Air Purifying Filter and do I need to replace it?

Currently, most new air-conditioning models have an air purifying filter inside. Some of the advantages are that it can get rid of smoking odour and harmful particles within the room. In general, it is advised that the purifying filter should be replaced once every 3 – 6 months, depending on the usage and other environmental factors.

Advantages of aircon service?

Some of the advantages of aircon service are such as the following:

1)    The air-con will be more efficient in cooling your room.

2)    A lower electrical consumption of the air-conditioning system

3)    The possibility of aircon leaking will be reduced.

4)    Possibility of major break-down and repair cost will be reduced.

5)    Increase in the lifespan of the air-conditioning equipment.

How do I choose an air-con company / air-con contractor?

Keep in mind that whenever you are looking for an air-conditioning company or contractor, you should choose a company that is based in Singapore with a team of qualified and experienced technicians.

ALV Aircon is an established company incorporated in Singapore with years of experience. Our technicians are all qualified and experienced which will definitely provide quality aircon service. For more information about us, please click here.

Is it necessary to service the outdoor unit (condenser)?

It is necessary to service the outdoor unit in order to ensure the circulation of the air isn’t blocked. Also, it will also ensure the outdoor unit operates efficiently and improve the cooling efficiency of the system. The frequency of the servicing of the aircon depends on the environmental conditions in your location, which needs a qualified technician to advise you.

What are the air-conditioning brands that your company carry?

Our company carries a range of air-conditioning brands such as:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sanyo
  • Toshiba
  • Carrier
  • Fujitsu
  • Sharp
  • Trane
  • Midea
What if I discover that my air-conditioning system have refrigerant gas leaking problems?

If your air-con system has a refrigerant gas leaking issue, topping up of refrigerant gas is only a temporary solution. In order to clear the root cause, you need to engage a professional technician to carry out pressure testing to detect and repair the leak. After the refrigerant gas leakage repair is complete, appropriate refrigerant gas ought to be topped up.

What if I do not service my aircon?

If you do not service your air-conditioner, the dirt and dust will accumulate. This may cause air flow problems or even water leaking problems. Other than that, it will reduce the efficiency of the air-conditioning system which will then cause an increase in electricity consumption. If you do not take care your air-conditioning system properly, it will also shorten the life span of your air-conditioner.

What is the optimal air-conditioner temperature to be set?

Generally, 25°C / 26°C is the optimum temperature. A mere 1°C increase can raise your operating cost up by around 15%.

What type of air-conditioning services does your company provide?

We provide a wide range of air-conditioning services.

  • Aircon Servicing
  • Chemical Washing / Overhaul
  • Aircon installation
  • Maintenance contract
  • Aircon Repair
  • Checking & Troubleshooting
What types of air-con does your company service?

ALV Aircon provide aircon services for different types and brands of air conditioner in Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Some examples are such as:

–       Window air-con

–       Casement air-con

–       Split air-con

–       Cassette air-con

–       VRV air-con system (Daikin, Mitsubishi)

When and how long should I have my aircon service?

Aircon service should be done when your air-conditioner is dirty or have not been properly maintained. Normally, it is advised to have your air-conditioners (residential) serviced once every 3 months. For commercial air-conditioners, it is advised to have it once every month. Depending on the usage of the air-con system and other environmental factors that affect the duration of the servicing of the aircon. It is recommended to have a qualified technician to assess your air-conditioner.

Why does my air-con requires chemical cleaning such as chemical washing / overhaul?

Chemical washing / overhaul is an intensive way of cleaning the air-con. It is required when the air-con is very dirty and system is badly choked to the extent that general aircon servicing cannot improve the condition. At the same time, chemical washing could help to improve the air flow of the unit and provide cleaner and healthier air in your room.

Why is my aircon blinking / flashing and switches OFF automatically?

When your aircon blinking non-stop indicate that there is a fault with the air-conditioner system which result in the air-con switches off automatically. It is not advisable to manually on the air-conditioning system as this may result in further damage to the system. Hence, it is important to engage a qualified technician to diagnose the fault first and carried out the repair job.

Why is my aircon leaking water?

An air-conditioner that you see in most households will have condensation in the indoor unit. An aircon leaking problem can be caused by several reasons such as over usage of the air-conditioner which result in dirt accumulating over time or problems with the drainage pipe or an old air-conditioner.

For more information, you can read this article regarding why your aircon leaking water.

Why is my aircon noisy?

There are several reasons that could cause your aircon noisy.

1)    Vibration noise coming from the indoor / outdoor unit

2)     Loose installation of parts in the air-conditioner system.

3)     Faulty air-con parts in the system.

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Why is my aircon not cold?

Air-conditioner contains 2 major components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The main purpose of the indoor unit is to transmit the cooling generated by the outdoor unit and blow out the cooling air. Hence, if the aircon not cold where the indoor unit is not blowing out cool air, one possible reason is the outdoor unit is malfunction. You need to engage a professional and trained technician to check and troubleshoot the air-conditioning system.  

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Why is my aircon not working anymore?

There are many reasons that could cause the aircon not working. One of the common reasons is that some parts of the air-conditioner may be malfunction resulting in the aircon could not on. You will need to hire an experienced technician to troubleshoot the air-conditioner, find out the main cause of the system and repair it.

Why is my aircon smelly?

The smell from your air-conditioner comes from the bacteria that is formed in your indoor unit due to the humid and warm environment inside the unit. If the smell is getting worse, it may require a thorough chemical cleaning to fix the issue. If you like to find out more, you can read on this aircon smelly article.

Why is my room not cold despite the air con being switched on for several hours?

There are many reasons which could cause the air-conditioner not cold in your room.

1)    Indoor unit is dirty where aircon servicing or aircon chemical washing / overhaul is not done to maintain the units. This result in the indoor unit unable to transmit the cool air to the entire room.

2)    Outdoor unit is dirty leading to a reduction in the efficiency of the system to produce cooling refrigerant.

3)    The air-conditioning system might not have enough refrigerant hence may require a gas top-up.

4)    There may be a refrigerant leakage in the air-conditioning system.

5)    There could be problems with your current air-conditioning system, leading to a disruption of the operation of the air-conditioner system.

6)    The air-con installed could be under-sized which result in the room not being cold.