Aircon Chemical Cleaning / Washing

ALV Aircon chemical washing involves a very thorough process of washing the whole air-conditioner with our special chemical solutions. All the mechanical parts in the units will be flushed and cleaned to remove the dirt and substances that have grown over time.

chemical-cleaning-dirty-airconIf your air-con have been operating for a long period of time and do not have any regular maintenance or aircon servicing in SIngapore. There will be dirt and debris accumulated over the units which result in a weaker airflow. Over time, it may even cause serious issues to your air-conditioners such as leaking or not cooling. During a long run without any maintenance, it will reduce the operating efficiency of the system and also the cooling efficiency. Thus, you may feel that your air-conditioner is not cold and electricity bills is rising.

In this case, this unit may need an air-conditioning chemical wash. This chemical wash process will restore the cooling performance of your units and improve the cooling efficiency. With our air-conditioning chemical overhaul, we will help in improving the operation, functionality and efficiency of your system. With our vast experience and knowledgeable technicians, you will gain all the benefits by washing the unit with our special chemicals such as higher cooling efficiency which results in lower energy consumption. It is recommended for units where normal aircon servicing in Singapore would not help to improve the condition of the system.

Professional Air-con Chemical Cleaning in Singapore


  • Remove stubborn dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances
  • Clear air-conditioning water leaking issues
  • Healthier and fresher indoor air
  • Improve air circulation & airflow
  • Increase operating and cooling efficiency of the units
  • Improved efficiency results in lower energy consumption
  • Extend the life span of the air-conditioners
  • Reduce the possibilities of system breakdowns

professional-aircon-chemical-washingWashing your unit with our special chemicals will ensure that your system to operate smoothly and efficiently where your room will be cool down effortlessly and at the same time consumer lesser energy. Thus, you will save on electricity bills. With proper air-conditioner chemical overhaul, your air-conditioner will be thoroughly cleaned including the mechanical parts in the units. This will reduce the possibilities of breakdowns in the system. Our experienced technicians together with their quality services, will be able to restore the operating and cooling efficiency of the air-conditioner back to its original form. However, do keep in mind that a regular aircon servicing in Singapore is also essential in keeping your system in good working condition.

How Often Should Air-con Chemical Wash Be Done in Singapore?

So you may wonder how often you should do the chemical overhaul for the unit in Singapore. Since the air-conditioning system is one of the essential appliances in Singapore to cool down our home and offices, air-conditioning are regularly used in Singapore. Thus, it is advised to wash your on your units with special chemicals solvent regularly to keep your units in good working condition. Several experts conclude that air-conditioner needs to be clean at least twice a year in order to keep up the performance of the unit.

It is important in ensuring the units to be cleaned by a professional aircon servicing Singapore Company. An unprofessional air-conditioning company in Singapore do not have the experience in cleaning your unit and they may even use harmful chemical solutions that may even bring further damage to your system instead. A harmful chemical solutions will result in your system being vulnerable to damages in the future. In addition, in the long run, it may reduce the cooling efficiency of your system and you may not regain back the coolness as before. Most importantly, it will significantly reduce the life-span of your unit and you may even need to change a new system due to harmful chemicals that is used by unprofessional air-conditioning company. Therefore, it is extremely important in choosing the right air-conditioner company in Singapore to clean your unit professionally.

In ALV Aircon, we have the experiences, knowledge, proper tools and equipment in cleaning the units with our special chemical solution. We ensure that we are able to restore the functionality of your unit back to its original form and improve the cooling efficiency. Thus, you are able to enjoy the cool and fresh air in your house without worrying about the hot weather in Singapore. Contact us @ 6467 5523 to book an air-con chemical washing appointment with us now!


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