Aircon Servicing

Air-conditioning Servicing ensure the basic cleanliness of the air-conditioner. Some benefits such as prevention of system breakdown and cleaner air in your premises.

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Aircon Repair Singapore

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide effective solutions and also on the spot repair to all residential, commercial and industrial clients.

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Air-con Chemical Cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning services such as chemical cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the air-con system. It helps to clear air-con leaking problems.

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Aircon Installation Singapore

All our staff are trained to install different types of air-conditioning system for all residential, commercial and industrial.

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Aircon Maintenance Singapore

Air-conditioning maintenance involves regular servicing of the units. Periodic maintenance will help to ensure the units are functioning efficiently.

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Air-con Checking & Troubleshooting

Our staff are able to diagnose the problems of your units, recommend necessary repair jobs and provide economical solutions.

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Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Air-conditioner system has become an essential electrical appliances in Singapore due to its hot and ever-changing weather. This results in a high usage of the air-conditioner in Singapore which means that it is prone to malfunction too. Therefore, it is important to take care of your air-conditioner by having regular aircon maintenance. 

ALV Aircon is an accredited aircon servicing Singapore and cleaning company based in Singapore. Being one of the leading air-conditioning servicing Singapore company, we are here to provide different types of quality air-con services in Singapore. With our top-notch technicians and staff, we can effectively meet your air-conditioner needs from small residential to big industrial scale projects. Do not hesitate and call us now!

Why Choose ALV Aircon?


ALV Aircon is one of the leading air-conditioning contractors in Singapore. We provide island-wide air-conditioning service in Singapore such as HDB flats, Condominium, Private Houses, Factory, Restaurants, Cafes and Child Care Centres and more. With our vast experience in the air-conditioner industry, we believe that we will definitely meet your air-conditioner needs with our quality aircon service.  For more information on our aircon services, call us at 6467 5523.

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Benefits of Air-con Servicing in Singapore

Due to the extremely hot weather in Singapore, it is essential for your air-conditioners to be serviced regularly in order to keep your units in good working conditions. However, do you know that there are also many benefits in aircon service Singapore?

 Since air-conditioners are regularly used by households in Singapore, the efficiency of the units will be lost over time. Hence, by having regular servicing of your units, you can ensure that the efficiency of the units to be maintained and continue in bringing cooling comfort to you and your families.

Do you face problems where your air-conditioning system breakdown suddenly or not working? If you are running an office or warehouse, it will definitely cost you inconvenience to your staff or customers. The possibilities of such issues happening could be drastically reduced if your units have regular air-con maintenance servicing in Singapore.

When your units have lesser malfunction issues, this would mean less air-con repair jobs on your units. Some repair jobs can cost you dearly to fix when your unit breakdowns. Hence, by having regular maintenance, you could save huge repair cost in the future.

Air-conditioners in Singapore should be viewed as a long-term investment that will bring you cooling comfort and healthy air for your families. If you take good care of your units, the life-span of the units will be longer. Thus, you should have your units being serviced regularly to improve the life-span of the units.


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